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Become a member of the InsideHeads online research panel for free!  Already a panel member? Keep your member profile up to date and you’ll be well positioned to be selected to participate.

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Looking to moderate your own online interviews? Get your virtual focus facility for free right now!  InsideHeads is available to provide free training and access to all the tools you need to setup your own online focus groups. Get comfortable with the tools and the process without any obligation. Pay only when you need to schedule a real project.  Freely conduct demos with your clients from a platform that is completely branded to you. We encourage you to try out the facility, your first group is free.  And affordable support is always available from InsideHeads research professionals as you build your online qual business.

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60 thoughts on “Join”

  1. Joining the InsideHeads Online Research Panel is free! On this page, scroll down to the Sign Me Up link. That will take you to a short online form. Once submitted, membership in the panel will position you for consideration and possible selection to participate in online research studies. If you participate you’ll receive cash for your time and opinions.

  2. I would like to join InsideHeads on-line marketing survey group. But I couldn’t find the ‘Sign me up’ link on this page (only found the sign up link for the News Letter)
    Is this available only for US residents, if not please let me know where I could find the sign-up link.

  3. Hi Lindie, to be selected you need to be registered in the panel, otherwise we don’t know anything about you to select. To register, go to this page, scroll down and select Sign-Up.

  4. iwould like to join with you and answer aqll the payd surveys you send me

  5. Hi Paul, thanks for your interest. To become a member of the InsideHeads Research Panel, simply click the Sign-Up link on this page and complete the short online questionnaire. Once you’re in our database, we’ll have a better idea which studies you may qualify for. Anything that could be an opportunity, I will email you. Just remember to register, and then keep an eye out for emails from me. Cheers! -Maggie

  6. I am participating in a project and sent an e-mail to Maggie and have not gotten a response to my question. It is Study #4215. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for the opportunity, I will answer tor any survey as accurate as possible .

  8. I am interested in participating in your online surveys, pls kindly consider me as a participant. Thanks

  9. I am a member and tried to login to change my email address and my password isn’t working at all.Can you please change my email address?I would like to continue to be a member.Thank you,Barbara Baker My email address was and is now would appreciate any assistance you can offer.Barbara Baker

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