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QRCA VIEWS magazine is an award-winning quarterly publication featuring ideas and tools for qualitative research. Subscriptions are complimentary to members of of the Qualitative Research Consultant’s Association and to non-member qualified research buyers. Read current and past issues of VIEWS online now.

12 thoughts on “QRCA Views Magazine”

  1. Hi Edward, thanks for your interst. Joining the InsideHeads Online Research Panel is free! On this page, scroll down to the Sign Me Up link. That will take you to a short online form. Once submitted, membership in the panel will position you for consideration and possible selection to participate in online research studies. If you are selected + participate you’ll receive cash for sharing your time + opinions with us.

  2. Hi Claudia, we’d love to have you! To be considered for selection, simply sign-up and complete the short registration process into the InsideHeads research panel on this page (scroll down and select Sign-Up). Cheers! -Maggie

  3. Hi Anthony, we can’t guarantee that you’ll qualify, or be selected for participation. But if you do qualify and participate, you will definitely be paid. Look for the Sign-Up link on this page and fill-in the information about yourself. Once registered, you’ll be eligible to receive invitations to participate in research studies. Cheers! -M

  4. Hi. Am from the Philippines and would certainly like to be one of your sources for your surveys. I have a vast experience in in the field of marketing and management of big organization with no less than 600 employees. Am semi retired now but I can certainly contribute a lot of ideas and opinions on various marketing and business issues.

  5. Hello Edgardo and welcome! Please take a moment to join the InsideHeads Research Panel here by clicking the Sign-Up link and completing the information requested. We frequently conduct research studies online and will contact you via email with opportunities (once you’re registered). Being a member is free and gives you the opportunity to make money by participating in research studies. Good luck! -Karen

  6. Having registered with inside heads!, I am yet to receive any survey invitations at all to speak of?..I have been major consumer of multiple franchises for near three decades.Please review my
    registration again thank you!.
    Anthony Royal

  7. Hi Anthony, thanks for your post. We can’t guarantee your selection in a research study, but we do promise to keep you apprised of any research opportunities in which you may qualify.

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