InsideHeads seeks qualified persons to participate in paid research studies

Research Studies Available

Participate in research studies online. InsideHeads develops research studies for a wide array of industries. See what InsideHeads is asking now and how you can voice your opinion and participate in paid marketing research studies.

200301 Poll Open – All Invited Pays: $0

20AA00 Join the Panel: be first to learn of new studies

: be first to learn of new studies

200302 Recruiting Soon By Invite Only: Pays $300

200401 Recruiting April 2020 By Invite Only: Pays $75

200101 Recruiting Closed. Study completed Paid $100

200102 Recruiting Closed. Study completed Paid $75

200103 Poll Closed. Study completed Paid $0

200201 Survey Closed. Study completed Sweeps Pot $500

200202 Recruiting Closed. Study completed Paid $300

200203 Poll Closed. Study completed Paid $0

Payment to research participants varies by study and is always clearly posted. Please reference this page for study questions or verification.

The Small Print (enlarged):

InsideHeads does not guarantee selection (that would be biased, and that’s bad for research). InsideHeads clearly states the value and requirements needed to participate in every offer. Payments to participants vary by project and are predetermined based on how much time participants need to invest in order to complete the study requirements. Incentives range from entry into a sweepstakes to hundreds of dollars.

For example, InsideHeads research studies that are sponsored by for-profit companies typically offer participant incentives starting at $75 for a 90-minute online focus group. Research projects conducted by not-for-profits or student researchers, however, typically offer lower incentives, as would be expected.

Please direct InsideHeads panel member questions to Margaret Pero, Panel Manager:, +1-877-In-Heads ext. 702.

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