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7 Simple Steps to Moderating Your First Chat Focus Group

The group chat experience is comparable to in-person discussions in that: group chats occur at a scheduled date and time, participants easily interact and engage with one another, and the moderator probes participant responses in-the-moment.

Are you a researcher who does most of your interviewing in-person? Give online group chat a try!

Give it a try! Know a non-profit or local business that could benefit from your research skills? InsideHeads is on your team!

When the services a researcher offers are free, we never charge a fee. InsideHeads’ interview platforms are free to use for moderator training, student projects, non-profit companies, and all pro bono work.

-Jennifer Dale

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Curious about the process? It’s pretty straightforward, check it out:

  1. Identify your research objective
  2. Source prospective participants who will actively engage in the group discussion for free (or be willing to compensate them for their time and opinions)
  3. Write the screening questionnaire
  4. Screen prospective recruits
    • InsideHeads assists if your email list of prospects to screen is long
    • InsideHeads sends instructions to your invited attendees (or shows you how to DIY)
  5. Write the discussion guide & identify visual stimuli
    • InsideHeads sets up your virtual focus facility, or shows you how to DIY. Project setup includes branding your secure and private account, scheduling, sending instructions, uploading your guide questions, setting up your stimuli, and downloading transcripts
  6. Practice moderating in your private online facility
  7. Moderate the discussion

Enjoy knowing you can do this 🙂

After the group, InsideHeads downloads and sends you the transcript of your online focus group, or shows you how to DIY.

Q. How much will it cost me to do my own online focus groups using the InsideHeads virtual focus facility platform?*

*Other project costs to consider include recruiting and your time investment.

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