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screenerWeb surveys are often the cornerstone of any online research study, either used as a way to screen prospective participants, collect additional data from a board or chat discussion, or further quantify unanswered questions after a focus group.

InsideHeads custom designs each web survey and codes it effectively so that security checks are incorporated to ensure the highest quality data. Skilled researchers design unbiased questionnaires and deliver actionable results from statistically significant data sets.

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33 thoughts on “Web Surveys”

  1. You can register to become a member of the InsideHeads Research panel, which will enable us to identify what research studies you may qualify to participate in. Registration is free and easy, just click on the Sign-Up link on this page. Good luck!

  2. Hi Alvie, absolutely! Just indicate in your member profile where you live and then we’ll know which studies you may qualify for. We conduct studies in lots of languages and countries. To join the panel, select the Sign-up link on this page, if you haven’t already. Good luck! -Karen

  3. Hi Insideheads, I’m interested in taking web surveys at your company. Is your program available for the Dominican Republic in the West Indies? If so, please let me know how to join.


    Danielito Tavarez

  4. I have a great interest in your surveys operation and would want to be one of your panelists.

  5. Hi Edna, we can’t guarantee that you’re going to qualify or be selected for a study, but if your profile looks like a good match for a research study we are doing, we will send you an email with more information. If you do qualify and participate, yes, you will receive money! Registration is easy and free, just go to this page and select the JOIN NOW link. Cheers!

  6. Hi Brenda, greetings! Thanks for your interest. We do studies with residents of the Caribbean often. To be eligible for selection, go to this page and select the JOIN NOW link. Free and easy, and once you’re registered, you could receive an invitation to be paid to participate in an online research study! Good luck 🙂

  7. Hi, am Godfred from Ghana and I want to take part in your survey programs for cash and rewards. Thanks

  8. Hi Analein, to be eligible for InsideHeads studies, join the InsideHeads panel – it’s free and takes just a few minutes! Go to http://www.insideheads.com/panel and select the Join Now button located halfway down the page. Once registered, InsideHeads will send you a confirmation email at first, then as research studies come up, InsideHeads will email you with a link to more information and a screening questionnaire to see if you qualify. If you qualify and participate in a research study with InsideHeads, you’ll receive cash for sharing your time and opinions. Amounts paid vary by study, but will always be clear in the email you receive from InsideHeads. Cheers!

  9. Hola:

    Luego de leer la experiencia de otros que han probado y leer al respecto, estoy convencida de que quiero participar en encuestas y generar ingresos que me permitan concretar mis sueños; además de, conocer los distintos tipos de servicios que ofrecen y buscan ofrecer las empresas.


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