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Qual-Online, The Essential GuideInsideHeads Articles and Books

What every researcher needs to know about conducting qualitative research interviews via the web.

How Sex Surveys Launched Qualitative Research

A young Marian Salzman dives into the lives of AOL members in 1992 and launches an industry.

How to Recruit to Online Focus Groups

Tips for recruiting to online qualitative research projects

Diary of an Online Focus Group

Day to day account of an online focus group project, from recruiting through report.

Finding Bouquets of Consumer Insight in Acres of Wildflowers

How Qualitative Researchers listen, explore and gain insights from Social Media

online focus group reportAdditional Published Articles About Online Focus Groups:

1995 In defense of on-line focus groups
1998 Online research: playing to the Web’s strengths
2002 Qualitatively Speaking: Online focus groups…here today, not gone tomorrow
2005 Adolescents’ experience with sex on the web: results from online focus groups
2005 Online Focus Groups: An In-depth Comparison of Computer-mediated and Conventional Focus Group Discussions
2005 Researching online populations: the use of online focus groups for social research
2007 Doing Synchronous Online Focus Groups With Young People: Methodological Reflections
2007 Users of text-based online qualitative talk about its capabilities, limitations
2009 Online focus groups as a tool to collect data in hard-to-include populations: examples from pediatric oncology
2014 How sex surveys launched online qualitative research
2015 Parental Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding the Nine-Valent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
2015 What’s ahead for online qual?
2019 Perspectives and preferences for a mobile health tool designed to facilitate HPV vaccination among young men who have sex with men
2020 The Impact of Advertisement Messaging on Enrollment of Young Men Who Have Sex With Men for Web-Based Research: Observational Study
2020 Focus groups seek transgender experience with HIV prevention

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