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InsideHeads has been conducting online focus groups since 1998!   Our staff is well seasoned in all forms of online qualitative research and provides dedicated full service and affordable ad hoc support on your DIY research projects.  With InsideHeads easy-to-use research platforms and free training, you could be running your first online focus groups in just hours.

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Let us show you first-hand what the experience is like for participants, observers, and the moderator, schedule a demo of the InsideHeads chat or bulletin board platforms today.  Schedule a tour.

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Stay up to speed on the latest trends affecting the market research industry and tricks for conducting cost effective research studies online. InsideHeads issues a monthly newsletter, so we won’t be inundating you needlessly, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  In the website header enter your email address and click SUBMIT to get the marketing research news you can use.

Online QuestionnairE DESIGN + PROGRAMMING 

InsideHeads custom designs, programs and hosts your most complex survey designs with our experienced coders using the robust and flexible logic capabilities of our proprietary survey tool. Request a Quote

participate in Research Studies

Become a member of the InsideHeads Online Research Panel and be positioned to tell manufacturers, service companies and retail businesses your honest opinions about their products. Join the Panel

Online Moderator Training

Learn from experienced InsideHeads professionals how to take your qualitative research skills and apply them online effectively. From recruiting through analysis, learn how to manage an online focus group project from start to finish in the InsideHeads DIY platforms. Fully branded to your company, manage all of your groups and participant activities together in your secure account. Schedule Training

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  1. Helloo……
    I am interesting to know about InsideHead, could you explain to me? Thank you in advance.

    Husnah Manwan

  2. Hello Husnah, thanks for your interest. InsideHeads is an online marketing research company. We provide research services to clients in many industries across the globe. One of the services we offer is the ability to connect with people like yourself who can offer opinions and provide feedback on what our clients need to know. InsideHeads Research Panel Members who meet study requirements are invited to participate in online research studies (web surveys and online focus groups). Panel members are paid cash for sharing their time and opinions. You can register to be a member of the panel for free here:

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