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“Back in the day, I soon grew dissatisfied with real-time online chat groups as superficial. Like many I preferred bulletin board groups as deeper and more productive. I have just had an experience conducting four two-hour real-time chat groups with complicated stimuli on the white board, and am enthusiastically reporting a resounding success. Jennifer Dale at InsideHeadsLLC has a great platform, incredibly moderator friendly, with exceptional tech support. My clients were thrilled with her recruiting and with the experience itself, as well as with the remarkable insights gained.”

Pat Sabena, Principal, Sabena Qualitative Research Services

“Jennifer makes it very easy to do online focus groups. The InsideHeads platform is easy to use and Jennifer and her staff go way over and above the call of duty to be sure that every aspect of your project goes smoothly. If it’s your first time moderating live online groups she’ll walk you through step by step to be sure it is a success. Nothing falls through the cracks. I am sure I will use InsideHeads’ services many more times and highly recommend them.”

Dorrie Paynter, President of Leapfrog Marketing Research

“I worked directly with InsideHeads on a focus group that we recently executed with the non-profit organization where I am employed. InsideHeads was very responsive, detailed, and easy to work with throughout the entire process. We had a very tight turnaround time that was met without issue. The execution of the project, from securing participants to developing the questions, to leading the group discussion occurred in a quick and efficient manner. This would not have happened without InsideHeads’s help. I would highly recommend InsideHeads!”

Rachel Wiederhold, Program Director, Communications and Mission Engagement at The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

“Jennifer brings solid experience, creative solutions and focused execution to all of her initiatives. Not only is she a pure joy to work with, her insights and fresh ideas make any project more effective than you can imagine. InsideHeads has added an entirely new level to our offering.”

David Farmer, CEO of AdGiants

“Jennifer knew her business and was incredible to work with. After LiveWorld tried for awhile to offer online market research it really became a robust offering once Jennifer and Amy Yoffie at Research Connections became involved. Jennifer is truly one of the pioneers of online research!!”

Bari Siegel, Senior Account Executive at Groupon

“Working with InsideHeads was a relief in comparison to other companies we have worked with in the past. InsideHeads was professional and willing to go the extra mile to produce an exceptional product.”

Angie Carron – New Product Development Business Analyst, Express Scripts

“I really like the advance thinking and post-thinking of InsideHeads in their market research – and their quick thinking in the middle of their online focus group studies. Online focus groups have really helped our clients understand what is inside the heads of their customers – and it has helped create better websites and branding programs.”

Tom Anderson – President and CEO, Anderson 2020

“Jennifer Dale, from Inside Heads, has a lot of experience with online focus groups and is as smart, strategic and as quick as they come. She’s even developed a platform for other moderators to use. Highly recommend her.”

Mary Repole, Owner, Epiphany Research and Marketing

“Jennifer Dale has been conducting online focus groups since 1998. She has done it all — recruitment, moderating, reports, etc. She has vast knowledge and experience. Taking that experience, she developed her own focus group technology (VFF), automating many of the functions that she used to do by hand. The VFF has great features, including easy access to de-identified screener data, a “back room” where clients can observe and send messages during the group, pre-loading of all exhibits and URLs for ease of showing them to participants, the ability to display the responses on a full screen, and an instant transcript. Her reports show her analytical skills. Also, she rents the VFF to other moderators, and provides them with step-by-step tools to help them recruit, manage and distribute incentives to participants. I recommend her highly.”

Amy Yoffie, Founder of Research Connections, Inc. (1996)

“Check with Jennifer Dale at InsideHeads for the best online focus group tools that provide quality insights quickly and cost-effectively. We’ve used her for several online focus group projects over the last year. Her online platform is very easy to use, and she’s a terrific moderator. ”

Joe Emery, VP, Research + Data Insights

“Jennifer Dale is a top notch professional who has a great on-line [focus group] application. ”

Kate Norfleet, Owner at Kate N Design, Inc.

“Jennifer Dale is a pioneer in the online survey industry. It’s rare to find someone with such a thorough understanding of the business, so dedicated to her work and responsive to her customer’s requirements.”

Matt Parzych, President, Xronos

“Once we nailed down the research objective, InsideHeads handled everything. My staff and I were able to observe the group discussions remotely and discuss the results immediately among ourselves online. We received the transcripts right after the group, and InsideHeads soon delivered a well-organized report, including participant quotes to support each finding. The customer feedback InsideHeads was able to mine was very helpful in our business planning.”

Ron Katoni – Operations Leader, Dun and Bradstreet

“Right off the bat InsideHeads offered great insight into how to improve our questionnaire. They had the survey up and running on the Web quickly and we were able to obtain quality data faster than traditional offline research methods. InsideHeads understood our objective, which was evident in the well-written report they provided soon after data collection. The timely data we received from InsideHeads was truly actionable.”

Barry Levenson – Managing Director of Marketing, Penny Mac

“Speed, accuracy, and the feedback we needed — who could ask for anything more?!”

Russell Granger – Vice President of Marketing, Gigante Vaz Partners

“The first time I did an online focus session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect (or exactly what was expected from me). InsideHeads helped me get the session setup fast. The meeting facilitation was impressive– I really believe that I needed a specialist to manage this study — and the summary was quickly prepared, accurate, and insightful.”

Greg Hoff – Senior Manager, Millipore Corporation

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