Observe Group Discussions Online Remotely

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“Once we nailed down the research objective, InsideHeads handled everything. My staff and I were able to observe the group discussions online remotely and discuss the results immediately among ourselves online. We received the transcripts right after the group, and InsideHeads soon delivered a well-organized report, including participant quotes to support each finding. The customer feedback InsideHeads was able to mine was very helpful in our business planning.”

2 thoughts on “Observe Group Discussions Online Remotely”

  1. How can I participate or add something to this project? Would like to be a part of the online staff if possible.

    Thank you
    Rose Marie Grasso

  2. Hi Rose Marie, thanks for your interest. To become a registered member of the InsideHeads Online Research Panel simply go to this page and select the Join Now link. This will take you to a short questionnaire that will give you the chance to participate in online research studies. Good luck! -kb

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