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InsideHeads mobile researchToday there are many ways to effectively interview research participants online.

Every online interview is made of the same three parts: a time dimension; a size; and a mode of interaction. A qualitative study online has an added mode of interaction for the moderator to be considered.

  • Time in real time, or over extended time, + duration
  • Sizeindividual or group, plus total number of interviews
  • Interaction mode of participants – text, audio, video
  • Interaction mode of the moderatortext, audio, video

There are two popular types of text-based groups online – synchronous online focus groups (real-time chat) and asynchronous bulletin boards (forums). These two methodologies, commonly called Chats and Boards, are immensely different.

While both use text as the primary means of communication, work well with groups of up to 20 participants, and allow for unlimited number of observers with back-room comments, the similarities stop there.

Bulletin Board Focus Groups

Chat Focus Groups

InsideHeads also administers surveys online to gather a mix of quantitative and qualitative data.  InsideHeads web surveys are always mobile-friendly and work on any device, OS, or browser. 

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