Online Focus Groups Have Really Helped Our Clients

Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson, Founder of Anderson Digital 2020

“I really like the advance thinking and post-thinking of InsideHeads in their market research – and their quick thinking in the middle of their online focus group studies. Online focus groups have really helped our clients understand what is inside the heads of their customers – and it has helped create better websites and branding programs.”

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InsideHeads is Willing to Go the Extra Mile

Angie Carron
Angie Carron, Director Account Management at Express Scripts

“Working with InsideHeads was a relief in comparison to other companies we have worked with in the past. InsideHeads was professional and willing to go the extra mile to produce an exceptional product.”

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Pioneers of Online Research

Bari Siegel
Bari Siegel, Strategic Account Executive at Groupon

“Jennifer knew her business and was incredible to work with. After LiveWorld tried for awhile to offer online market research it really became a robust offering once Jennifer and Amy Yoffie at Research Connections became involved. Jennifer is truly one of the pioneers of online research!!”

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Jennifer Dale is a Pure Joy to Work With

David Farmer
David Farmer, CEO & Founder of AdGiants

“InsideHeads brings solid experience, creative solutions and focused execution to all of their projects. Jennifer Dale a pure joy to work with and her insights and fresh ideas make any project more effective than you can imagine. InsideHeads has added an entirely new level to our offering.”

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Responsive, Detailed + Easy to Work With

Rachel Weiderhold
Rachel Weiderhold, Director of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

“I worked directly with InsideHeads on a focus group that we recently executed with the non-profit organization where I am employed. InsideHeads was very responsive, detailed, and easy to work with throughout the entire process. We had a very tight turnaround time that was met without issue. The execution of the project, from securing participants to developing the questions, to leading the group discussion occurred in a quick and efficient manner. This would not have happened without InsideHeads’s help. I would highly recommend InsideHeads!”

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My Clients Were Thrilled With InsideHeads

Pat Sabena
Pat Sabena, Principal & Founder of Sabena Qualitative Research

“Back in the day, I soon grew dissatisfied with real-time online chat groups as superficial. Like many I preferred bulletin board groups as deeper and more productive. I have just had an experience conducting four two-hour real-time chat groups with complicated stimuli on the white board, and am enthusiastically reporting a resounding success. Jennifer Dale at InsideHeads has a great platform, incredibly moderator friendly, with exceptional tech support. My clients were thrilled with her recruiting and with the experience itself, as well as with the remarkable insights gained.”

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Thoughts on Conducting Online Focus Groups

Dorrie Paynter
Dorrie Paynter, President of Leapfrog Marketing Research

“Jennifer makes it very easy to do online focus groups. The InsideHeads platform is easy to use and Jennifer and her staff go way over and above the call of duty to be sure that every aspect of your project goes smoothly. If it’s your first time moderating live online groups, she’ll walk you through step by step to be sure it is a success. Nothing falls through the cracks. I am sure I will use InsideHeads’ services many more times and highly recommend them.”

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